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coreXsecurity provides business, commercial and high-end residential clients with video- and biometric-based access control systems, surveillance cameras and video management systems with proactive artificial intelligence including behavior anomaly and facial recognition intelligent alerts. In addition to securing building facilities, coreXsecurity will secure any local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (WLAN) and attached endpoints including servers, desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones using advanced software products, proactive algorithms and analytical auditing software all at affordable pricing.

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Is data-storage and data-transmission security critical? Absolutely. What more important? The devices and networks where the data is decrypted and accessed require the highest security measures. We provide a variety of onsite security solutions ensuring your proprietary data, your people and your places are protected.

We bring security where you are:

*8-way endpoint security (desktop, tablet, smartphone)

*24/7/365 server monitoring & security

*Biometric access control & monitoring

*On-premise surveillance cameras

*Artificially intelligent alarm systems (with self- or central-monitoring)

*Behavior-based, zero-day (NGFW) routing firewalls & network security

These are the days when having security at the core is the X factor.

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coreXsecurity is an on-premise and endpoint security solutions provider. We serve single- and multi-location businesses as well as security-minded, residential clients.