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coreXsecurity provides business, commercial and high-end residential clients with video- and biometric-based access control systems, surveillance cameras and video management systems with proactive artificial intelligence including behavior anomaly and facial recognition intelligent alerts. In addition to securing building facilities, coreXsecurity will secure any local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (WLAN) and attached endpoints including servers, desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones using advanced software products, proactive algorithms and analytical auditing software all at affordable pricing.

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Endpoint Security Management

Are you certain your endpoints are secure from prying eyes? Are your smartphones (and all other nodes) equipped with anti-malware and VPN technologies? How are you handling the business BYOD dilemma? Have you implemented "find and remote wipe" capability on all mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.)?

We address all these issues and more with our solid endpoint security posture and products.

Endpoint security is a combination of tools (software/services) and techniques (layered security/employee training) preventing most disruptive intrusions and data compromises. After all, it is the endpoints where data is decrypted, opened and used - at that point data is most vulnerable. Endpoints (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphone, etc.) are also most susceptible to worms and trojans that eventually infect the entire network potentially taking down the entire system and corresponding business.


If you would like more information about our 8-way Endpoint Security white paper describing our proven malware prevention model employing protocol and product, then please email your request to Info [at] with WhitePaper in the subject line.

Naturally, we are always ready to present 44-Minute Endpoint Security talk in webinar or seminar format. Please let us know your interest level.