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coreXsecurity provides business, commercial and high-end residential clients with video- and biometric-based access control systems, surveillance cameras and video management systems with proactive artificial intelligence including behavior anomaly and facial recognition intelligent alerts. In addition to securing building facilities, coreXsecurity will secure any local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (WLAN) and attached endpoints including servers, desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones using advanced software products, proactive algorithms and analytical auditing software all at affordable pricing.

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Access Control

Do you know who's at your door? Do you know who has been there when you weren't? Do you want to have a constant connection to the access door(s) of your server room, business or home? Do want a visual time- and dated-stamped log of everyone who goes in and out?

We are here to help with all this and more..

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Our access control system is biometric and keypad based providing a "who you are and what you know" keyless access. Moreover, we also offer an RFID- and keypad-based system providing a "what you have and what you know" keyless entry. Additionally, our access control system provides a "video doorbell" option allowing the business- or home-owner to see, hear and communicate with the guest from anywhere in the world via VoIP to any smartphone or web browser.



  • All around view with no blind spots
  • Recording with sound
  • 2-way Audio/Video around the world
  • Integrated message function
  • Log of all activity
  • Physical key-based backup